Artist Statement


My constant search to find beauty and harmony in a chaotic world has always been a motivating factor in my work. Time is never still and entropy is a natural part of life. In my paintings, I create grids that have a certain order and structure through patterns, color and line, however it is the impulsive and intuitive part of me that needs to break this order down to reestablish the turmoil and discord that is inherent in nature.

The geometric and the organic are both integral to my idea of bridging lawlessness and order. The circles, ovals, graffiti and other organic shapes playfully engage the more rigid structure of the grid. 

I often start a painting with a feeling about a memory of a place or object; for instance the light on my grandmothers peeling wallpaper, for example. My original intention and chance will frequently collide during the process of creating a painting.  I never know how the painting will look when it is finished and the end result is often a dance between my sense of order and my impulse to let go and explore.

The transparency of the wax creates a window into the history of my mark making. It is not a linear process but rather very circular. Using encaustic and collage allows me to explore this idea of order and disorder on a very visceral level. Building up layers of wax and incising, scraping and fusing pigmented wax allude to and reflect on the natural process of the natural world.