Artist Statement


My paintings are about time, memory and the dichotomy between order and chaos.

The painting process is a reflection of these opposing ideas. I begin a painting by creating a grid.  There is an emotional pull between keeping the geometric composition intact and at the same time, allowing it to break down.  Through the process of painting, the grid starts to dissolve creating a kind of chaos that reflects a psychological space or emotional state.

I often paint or draw ovals, circles and polka dots to express movement, energy and rhythm as a counter point to the rigid structure of the grid.

The windows in some of my paintings are metaphors for looking into the past but never fully being able to see the whole picture.  They allow the viewer to peer inside but not quite.

 The relationship between time and space also intrigues me, and the process of building up layers of beeswax and scraping down and inscribing into the wax parallels the idea of time being circular rather than linear. I often add paper to my paintings, which sometimes become buried, and through the process of scraping; these collaged papers are revealed like an old memory